“We LOVED our vacation and plan to return with others! Everything was fantastic. The service of Mrs. Marianne, in particular, was truly outstanding!” Mr. Michael S., Irland,

“This is one of the great beauty spots in the world – clear blue water, sunny skies with mountains in the background and the islands in front. Thank you for all the wonderful memories you have made possible.” Family Vagoud, France

“Your hospitality has gone far beyond any of the expectations I had for this wonderful vacation. “ Mrs. R. Meyers, USA

„nun ist es herbstlich in Berlin und wir denken gern an die schönen Tage auf in Marusici zurück. Ich möchte mich nochmal herzlich bedanken für die schnelle, unbürokratische und taggleiche Vermittlung der Ferienwohnung.
Ihre Adresse hatten wir von einem Freund unseres Sohnes, der in der Villa Mandolina 2008 Urlaub machte und sehr zufrieden war.
Gern werden wir Sie weiterempfehlen und bei Gelegenheit selbst davon Gebrauch machen.“ Fam. Andreas Herbst, Deutschland

“Croatia indeed is a beautiful country we knew this, but to discover such a place as Marusici and beautiful Villa is sth special. This will be one of our most memorable vacations.” Mrs. C. Mantovani, Italy

“I have been treated like a long-time friend. Special greetings to Mariane, she was always there for us, great service with heart-thank you“. Sven G. and a family

“Villa Opera was better than advertised. It was very clean in a beautiful setting. We felt very safe and good there. I would like to add that I was very pleased with your service. I will look forward to come again.”, Family Fischer, Austria